The Effects Of Saliva To The Sex Drive

The saliva can be very helpful at times. Its use is so diverse, that the body even created its own gland for it. It can break food down, show information about you, or get you craving for a heated moment. Wait, what does saliva have to do with the sex drive? It is believed that saliva can show whether you have used drugs using the 10 panel drug test and other tests but how does it affect your sex drive, really?

Women may not say they like it, but they do

Many studies have been conducted around women when it comes to saliva. However, there is a surprising result when it is correlated with women’s sex drive. When men kiss women or the other way around, it releases different kinds of chemicals in the brain that makes both the man and woman excited. However, there seems to be something more than that.Something sexier in a different way.

When men salivate, it contains traces of the hormone called testosterone. When this is transferred in the form of kissing, women are more turned on. The theory says that the wetter the kiss goes, the more turned on a woman gets. However, this is still subjective to a woman’s preferences as some women get their mood killed with sloppy kisses.

People Can Overcome Disgust By Being Turned On

If you imagine all the things spit can contain, you’ll be disgusted all the way through. Sex, with all its pleasure, can be very disgusting when you think about the fluids involved in it. However, when turned on, man and woman alike, will never notice the difference between saliva and love. Their reasoning skills about what is disgusting or not is temporarily turned off. It has been proven that sexually aroused men and women can perform disgusting tasks better than people in the neutral state can. Pretty ironic that without arousal, people are disgusted but when turned on, they’ll be ready to get down and dirty.

All the effects of saliva in the sex drive of women and men seems to occur around the transfer of testosterone. Testosterone is a hormone produced by men and can act as an aphrodisiac in women. More tests need to be done to prove the effects of saliva but as of today, saliva will continue to play a role in getting people turned on.